What Is An Acid Inhibitor?

Acid inhibitors, in terms of metal manufacturing and handling can also be called acid corrosion inhibitors, rust preventatives or rust preventives. In essence, these are products (usually liquids) are used to permit:

  • Long or short term storage of metals and alloys
  • Shipping domestically and abroad
  • Safe handling between production processes
  • Protection from environmental variables such as temperature and humidity

These chemical additives are applied by dip, spray or other coating methods to protect metal components and equipment from the corrosive action of a direct contact or environmental acid. The concentration and type acid inhibitor needed is determined by the type of metal to be protected and the conditions experienced by the metal.

Aluminum, steel, iron, titanium, etc., will all require alloy-specific formulations of corrosion preventative coatings for the best end result. Maintaining a proper blend ratio and homogeneous solution during the treatment is also essential to ensure the most effective and long-lasting protection.